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Marvel Comic: Storm #1 (my thoughts)

Finally, got a chance to read the first issue of Storm comic series, and I really enjoyed it.

I’ll admit I’m still trying to get a hang on the nuances in the plot and story and character moments for her and others happening here, which I’m sure reflect past events and relationships in the Marvel Universe, but what I enjoyed the most was the physical depiction of Ororo. She’s gorgeously vibrant and singularly Ororo Munroe. There’s no mistaking her for another.

Since I was a kid, the image I have in my head has been primarily dictated by the X-men TV  from the 1990s. Even the actress’s voice often pops into my head when reading Ororo’s dialogue.


Now, I have seen one of the X-men movies and read other Marvel comic issues that she’s appeared in, but the first exposure is what really stuck with me.

But this comic really got me to do a double take. Ororo actually looks amazing and distinctive and representative of her black roots.

Ororo doesn’t just look like a generic character design with darkened skin. She doesn’t look like some stereotypical design for all female characters that too often comes up in anime or comics, or even one made for any black woman or girl. She looks like her own person, an individual.From her prominent facial features to the distinctly curved chin and even how her arms and legs move and bellow in just the right ways. And as a writer, I really appreciate and love that!

She is Ororo Munroe, daughter of the Kenyan tribal princess N’Dare and American photographer David Munroe, Goddess and Beautiful Windrider, an X-man and superhero, and a teacher and defender of innocents.

Storm stands out amongst a crowd, like she should. She’s a force to be reckoned with. A woman described as being so uniquely beautiful that she’s captured the hearts of some of the most powerful men in the Marvel Universe. She’s a goddess! So to me, she shouldn’t look like black Jean Grey OR a cosplayer dressed up as her.

And I’m sure it comes right down to the art style. In this issue, it was gorgeous and really made good use of the textures and differences of each person.

Now, I’ll admit I haven’t read all the comics she’s been in, there may be other cases of art that beautifully shows her and properly representing her ancestry and mixed background, but right now, this comic issue did an astounding job for me.

I hope the artist keeps up the brilliant work. And I can’t wait for the next issue. :)

Additionally, it really makes me want to dig up some past storylines for her. I have read Ororo: Before the Storm and Marvel’s graphic novel titled Storm, but can my fellow Storm fans suggest any other Ororo Munroe/Storm centric storylines or comic issues, pretty please?

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23 July 2014

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