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The Metasciences - Four-Color Love Story (Cover)
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Four-Color Love Story (Cover) - The Metasciences 

And Gwen Stacy isn’t dead, she’s only sleeping
And Elektra isn’t evil or insane
And those bastards in the pentagon can’t really kill Sue Dibney
No more than they could kill off Lois Lane


We’re Skipping to Conclusions about the new, recently announced Ms. Marvel title!




Hospital rebrands chemotherapy as DC-themed “superformula” for kids

Chemotherapy is never fun, but A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo is trying to make it easier for children to accept the treatment. They’re rebranding the treatment as “superformula” and using comics to help kids understand chemo.

Buzzfeed’s Copyranter blog explains that the cancer center is working with ad agency JWT, which also works with Warner Bros. The idea was to help children believe in the power of chemotherapy to make them ultimately better. They’re not just covering the chemo cases with superhero logos; they’re also giving pediatric cancer patients comic books in which the heroes experience something similar to cancer and must receive a similar treatment formulated by doctors. And in the comics, the cases for the treatment bags look just like the cases the kids get over their own chemo bags.

This is fucking amazing. Yes.

ahhhh yes!

an idea that other health care centers should use, even if other heroes. :)

DC Characters by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

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These Boots by Bill Walko


These Boots by Bill Walko



I find it so immensely fucked up that so many superheroes have lived long past their supposed “legacies”, sidekicks, and children.  And I’m not just talking about Damian Wayne here.  I’m talking about every single child or sidekick that has died in any kind of comic.  I’m talking about all the Damian Waynes, Lian Harpers, West twins, Arthur Jrs, and Stephanie Browns.

The thing that just makes me upset is that sidekicks and legacies are intended to take the mantle and be the successor, but none of them get to do that and actually grow up.  Instead, they die some grisly way just to serve as angst fuel.  Do superheroes really need that?  Like, especially Batman of all people.  Three Robins died under him, just, that is so grossly fucked up.  We only see a handful of sidekicks actually grow up and become their own person and you know what?  They grow up and end up dying anyways.  Arguably, some of them get to come back, but that really doesn’t make it any more ok??


can we stop seeing comic book deaths for a while


I want to see kids grow up, go through awkward puberty, and then become who they’re supposed to be.  I want them to experience their first kiss, the anxiety we all suffer from when we’re faced with the terrors of growing up, and I just want to see them live.  Just more than anything, I want to see them become their own person.  

I get some of these heroes are legacies. Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash etc.  But some of these legacies died and their successors did get the chance to shine.  Dick Grayson, Wally West, Donna Troy, and Connor Hawke (of course, not limited to them) all have done an amazing job as being their own sort of hero.  I enjoyed Dick Grayson as Batman far more than I have ever have with Bruce.  That’s not to say that they shouldn’t be their own hero away from their successors, but successors are meant to pass down the mantle. Whether that means Bruce dies (again) and Dick becomes Batman once more, or he stays Nightwing, it’s something that’s supposed to happen.  Successors and mentors are supposed to leave it in the hands of their legacies because it’s natural.  We don’t get to see that though because they all die or just get get flat out erased from continuity. 

And it’s just really, really sad and really fucked up.  We end up with dead kids, dead teenagers, and dead adults that should be the next step in heroism.  

Can comics just please, please stop using death as a shitty plot device?




BleedingCool got a hold of some prelim art for the proposed Marjorie Liu/Mike Perkins all-female team book for Marvel that was turned down because it “wouldn’t sell”. Here we see some ID cards featuring Black Widow as the “Spy”, Mystique as the “Mercenary”, Elektra as the “Assassin”, and X-23 as the “Solider”…or Ceceilia Reyes as the “Doctor”? WHY NOT BOTH?!

Still hope this might happen some day.

You had me at Black Widow and Cece Reyes.

I’d kill for an all super heroine movie, Marvel or DC, that is taken seriously and done according to comic canon instead of some sexist holly wood writer. And if X-23 was in it OR Wonder Woman (before the reboot), it would be a cherry on top. :D



Did somebody say cats wearing capes in mid-air filmed in slow-motion?

i need this on my dash

And now… I need someone to write a fanfic of superhero kittens…. like now!!





Trailer for Robot Chicken DC Special - Aquaman Still Butt of Jokes

No matter how well his books sells, Aquaman still gets punked by his fellow JL’rs in this teaser for the Cartoon Network September 9th Special. Also Wonder Woman punches Harley. And you don’t even want to know about Harvey Dent’s bathroom rituals.

Rogues!  AH!  Rogues!  Mirror Master!  Captain Cold!  Special guest star that only people who care about Rogues would recognize when he shows up! 

And Booster Gold getting kicked into a wall.  Yeah. I am all for this.  (Hope there’s some Blue Beetle later.)

I made a comment about the guest star at the end and erased it so people would be surprised.

Thanks for posting this, I couldn’t view the video at the IGN site!

…omg that was a surprised guest. Was not expecting that! XD can’t wait to see all of this!


This is really easy. First thing you need to understand is for every 1 year that passes in Marvel time, 3 years pass in real time. Once you know that the rest is easy.

Minus the year of their first appearance from the current year. Divide by three. Add the age they were in their…

Gee, this makes me wish DC was a bit more consistent. :/ Then again, with the reboot, I suppose all bets are off. *le sigh*